About Piece Out

I made my first light painting mosaics a few years ago. I was inspired by Brian Matthew Hart, and later Chris Bauer.

Mosaics are a lot of work. A great mosaic could have hundreds of tiles. The biggest I made was 110 tiles and it was a lot of time invested. Chris and Brian have gone bigger than that. I thought that building a mosaic that could be team-driven could spread the effort around and be a fun group endeavor.

After joining Light Painting Blog I spoke with Jannis Sid about maybe having regular mosaic projects as part of that initiative. Look for that here soon after this gets rolling. Additionally, there is a good chance that we'll do something with the LPWA for International Day of Light.

Please be patient as we get this rolling, and thanks for checking it out!

Dan Chick
Hack the Light
Light Painting Lab
IG: @danchickdotcom, @pieceoutmosaic

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